"Thinai" Means Ecosystem

The name "Thinai" is inspired from the ancient Sangam Literature which categorized ecosystems into five 5 integrated regions or Thinai. We are inspired by the synergy and engineer sustainable ecosystems.


circular sustainable ecosystems

  • Build and Facilitate Sustainable Circular Ecosystem
  • Basic Needs Agenda for All
  • Enabling next stages of techno-social maturity


Practical solution provider

  • Deliver practical products that are sustainable and accountable.
  • Lead sustainable technology practical implementation
  • Collaboratively build foundation elements for sustainability


Sustainability Network

We operate through a network of collaboration partners which includes Research Organizations, Knowledge Partners, Manufacturing Partners, Distribution Partners, Independent Collaborators. Our partner network brings a diverse set of connected specializations with which we build the key foundations for sustainability.


We are active in multiple countries. We collaborate with partners in multiple countries such as Denmark, India, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, China and Canada. We continue to work closely with our partners and markets to expand towards a stronger global footprint. See our partnership programs to learn more about collaboration possibilities.

Sustainability & Accountability

Socially Responsible Green Partner

We are building a framework for full lifecycle accountability using Misai Eco Framework Capabilities. Partners from raw material, production, distribution to waste management are connected and we support accountable resource flow.

We are reviewed by Misai Eco for all our operations and products on a live basis. This extends to all our partners and external collaborators as well.

We build circular economy. All our products use sustainable materials and use no toxic chemicals.


Partner with us

Thinai Group builds practical solutions in collaboration with multiple partners and contributors globally. We are always looking for enthusiastic people who care about sustainability. We believe that a critical mass is required to sustain our initiative and lead further development. There are still multiple challenges to be solved. Connect with us if you see a synergy to collaborate.