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We offer sustainable solutions customized for specific industry needs. Some examples are given below. Use navigation to go to specific industrial solution.

Sustainable Smart Packaging by PackNex

Advanced Hyper-Mesh Blockchain (HMB) Validation

Integrated Sensor Data Condition Monitoring

Anti-Counterfeiting Resource Flow Authentication

Sustainable Packaging Material (100% Compostable)

Positive Eco Impact

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Smart Packaging - Pharma

Pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging can gain significant improvements by adopting our Smart Packaging Solutions. We have unified the complex elements involved in IOT for packaging in collaboration with our network of technical partners. Standardized modular elements are integrated into the packaging to enable key outcomes. These are synced to the distributed data flow through hyper-mesh block chain and Misai Mark - enabling high level of security and privacy while contributing to the overall benefit. Multiple channels of triggers, sensors are added and connected through the simple NFT tracked by Misai Mark.
  • Integrated Sensor, Trigger Data - Live Condition Monitoring.
  • Tamper proof and triggers
  • Anti-counterfeiting resource flow authentication.
  • Sustainable Packaging | Circular Economy
  • Full Life Cycle Accountability Enablers.

Eco Care and Hygiene - Sustainable Smart Packaging

Eco Care and Hygiene - Sustainable Smart Packaging

    • Printable Tag - Can be blended with brand design.
    • Integrated Resource Flow - Know where it came from and Eco-footprint.
      • Anti-Counterfeiting
      • Eco-Footprint
      • Personalized Solutions based on health care professional recommendation and consumer preference.
      • Full product lifecycle accountability - enablers.
    • Condition Monitoring Connect
      • Tamper Proof Design - Co.Connect.
      • Condition Sensors - Co.Connect.
    • Sustainable Packaging: BioFlex (100% Compostable)
    Personal Care and Hygiene Product consumers demand more Ecofriendly solutions and authentic information. We offer turnkey solutions that connects sustainability with authenticity verified live through Misai Mark.

    Digital Integration

    Our App is not just open source - but it is powered by Hyper-Mesh Block Chain (HMB) and verified through Misai Mark.

    Integrated Resource Network


    The IRN Grid connects resource flow, tracking, logistics, Eco Impact and Condition Monitoring capabilities of any entity. It can be easily tailored to suit customized needs.

    Resource Flow & Eco Flow

    As a part of Full Life Cycle Accountability - IRN Grid provides the necessary features to unique tag specific resources and follow it through its lifecycle. This data can be customized and made available to direct user consumption.

    Multi-Channel - Condition Monitoring

    It is easy to configure a channel to collect connected data from different resources such as sensors, flow data, tracking data, audit data, etc. This is processed in the Hyper-Mesh for maximum security and reliability.

    Live Verification and Full Life Cycle Accountability

    The Hypermesh Block Chain maintains the advantages of Decentralized processing while solving the scalability and redundancy problems. Data is secure while providing anyone secure access with live verification enabling Full Life Cycle Accountability.
    Advanced Sustainable BioMaterial Applications

    BioMi+ Sustainable Packaging

    BioMI+ materials are special compounds produced from bio based renewable resources. There are multiple grades of the compound customized for specific applications. Below are common features of BioMi+ material range.

    100% Compostable | Recyclable

    All variants of BioMi+ compounds are certified compostable according to internationally recognized standards such as EN13432 (EU), ISO17088, BPI, etc.

    Bio Based Renewable Resource Based

    BioMi+ compounds are derived from non-food - plant based raw materials. We ensure that most of the core raw material are up-cycled materials and have a positive Eco Impact.

    Microwave Friendly
    All BioMi+ compounds are Microwave Friendly. This is a key feature of this special material. BioMi+ is safe in microwave and does not release any toxic chemicals into the food.
    Compatible in Traditional Molding Machines
    BioMi+ Compounds are designed to work with traditional molding machines to make customized shapes and designs.

    Microwavable Industrial EcoPackaging

    Industrial Packaging uses a lot of plastic and unsustainable packaging material. This is because of the barrier properties and cost effectiveness of such materials.
    However, there is growing demand in the market for sustainably packaged products. This is due to pollution awareness and government action to reduce pollution. We offer sustainable packaging that has excellent barrier properties suitable for industrial food packaging at a competitive pricing. This enables reduction of waste and contribution to circular economy.
    Our Special BioMi+ compounds are 100% compostable and microwave friendly. We offer custom mold design, branding, production and delivery with Misai Mark Smart Network integration.

    Sustainable Ready Meal Packaging

    Ready Meal packs growing in popularity and is expected to quadruple by 2025. This segment currently uses traditional packaging material which is unsustainable and contributes to growing pollution crisis.
    Our solution offers sustainable alternative with advanced features that can improve the features of Ready Meal Packaging.
    The packaging is 100% compostable and microwave friendly. We offer BioFlex for sealing which is also fully compostable and plant based bio material. This enables ready meal producers to create more nutritious food and reduce artificial additives. The food can be easily heated in the package with a Microwave oven.

    These packages are also ideal for catering service providers. The food can be prepared, portioned and organized to be heated on site without changing dishes.


    Farm & Garden Solutions

    Thalir - Eco Pots
    Thalir - Eco Pots

    Compostable and Organic Pots made of bio materials such as Coco-pit, Banana Fiber, etc. This material has high water retention properties and blends with the plant soil.

    Compostable Mulch Film - Thalir
    Compostable Mulch Film
    Mulch film that composts during the crop cycle saving cost, time and enhancing the soil fertility - Eco friendly and cost effective alternative to plastic mulch films.
    Thalir - Eco Sapling Pots
    Eco Planters

    Saplings in Ecofriendly honey comb segments. It is efficient to adopt this with modular design and eco materials.

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